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課程規劃 Curriculum Design

(一)教育目標 Educational Goal

  1. 培育具備銀髮族頂級餐旅之專業人才。
    Developing professionals for deluxe hospitality service.
  2. 培養具備銀髮族事業管理之專業人才。
    Developing professionals for senior business management.
  3. 培育具備銀髮族科技應用之專業人才。
    Developing professionals for health technology application.

(二)課程規劃表 Curriculum Design Template

DSHM features the most various food and beverage, leisure facilities, and natural environment. It educates students to be equipped with the expertise of providing seniors with all kinds of healthy diet, leisure activities, body-mind activating exercises, and smart life technology, which contains prospective market segmentation.

128 credits required for graduation, including 34 school required credits, 80 major required credits, 12 major elective credits, and 2 free elective credits.